Daggers- 7x14mm Neckties - Marbled Tie Dye

Price: $9.80
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These are really striking daggers, no pun intended.

They are the slightly larger ones that the importer who stocks these has labeled as "Neckties" -- these are the ones you will see in the Flamenco Dancers bracelet and also in the variation of Circle of Circe necklace that we sold out of (alas) called Sunlight on Circe.

They will work beautifully in either design.

If you would like help putting together a unique kit for yourself in either bracelet or necklace form, just email me. I would be delighted to help you create something special for yourself using these.


The daggers themselves are sold here in units of 25. (And I noticed that they are already sold out at the wholesalers so this might be all we can get for a while.)