Daggers: "Neckties": Jet Marea Peacock 7x17mm

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We got these at a great discount and so are here passing it on!


Here are two more versions of these amazing dagger beads. The importer called them "Neckties" because of their larger size -- these are an impressive 7x17mm (the more usual large daggers are 5x16mm). They cannot be gotten anymore as the factory is not making them and this importer is retiring from the business -- two strikes against them being imported again. We have to figure that what we have is all we can get.

They are a color style called Jet Marea Peacock. They most likely started "life" as black (jet) beads. Then they were coated with a marea finish (that is a finish that adds subtle warm tones like greens and rose and gold) in peacock swirls, and a design of lines drawn upon them to reveal the black beneath.

One was further processed with a matte finish and the other left shiny. The matte ones definitely give a look similar to granite or stone. Both are quite intriguing.

I think these daggers daggers would work beautifully for Abbey's Troll Scarf.

They are being package in units of 25.

Don't forget that you must set the drop-down menu to either Matte or Shiny to get the ones you prefer.