Daisy: Beaded Kits with TUS Yarn Sets

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Kit A's yarn is Charmed, dyed on Nimbus.
Kit A's yarn is Charmed, dyed on Nimbus.
Kit B's yarn set, A Walk By The Shore in Verve.
Kit B's yarn set, A Walk By The Shore in Verve.
And for Kit C, Morgan Le Fay in Leeana.
And for Kit C, Morgan Le Fay in Leeana.
These are photos of Hayley's original shawls, shown so you can see the design well.
These are photos of Hayley's original shawls, shown so you can see the design well.

Only one kit left in stock (a Kit A).


Daisy by Hayley Tsang Sather started its life as a Mystery KAL.  A beautiful piece with lace and beads, it is meant to be a one-skein project that can make for a quick knit. 


Please be sure to get the pattern from the designer; she has it on her Ravelry page here.  What we have put together for these kits are some stunning yarns from TUS (The Unique Sheep) with glowing beads.


The Design

Here is what Hayley writes: 

Daisy is a crescent-shape shawl based on Herbert Niebling’s pattern of the same name, Daisy in English.

The original pattern is a very small doily. I added rows and modified it from a circular to a crescent shape. 

Daisy is meant to be a one-skein project (unless you are a loose knitter) so perfect for a quick knit and/or as a gift. It is a fairly straight-forward pattern but is engaging enough for experienced lace knitters. It changes from chart to chart yet requires only basic lace knitting stitches which makes it a relaxing and enjoyable project.

Daisy is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. It uses approximately one skein – 437y/400m – of sock-weight yarns. It may also be knitted in heavy-lace or lace-weight yarn for a more open look. Please compare your usage to the test knitters (page 3 of the pattern) to ensure you have enough yarn if only one skein of fingering weight is being used.

The shawl may be knitted with or without beads.

Skill Level
Advanced Beginners. Charts only. Pattern does not include row-by-row written instruction.


The Yarn and Colorways

We do not offer the same yarn as what Hayley used in her original piece.  I was struck by how lovely many of the finished shawls look when knit with gradiently changing colorways.  Hence our selection which you can see in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Each of these yarn sets give you more than the required yardage so you can relax, though each of these kits are made up of a different yarn and a different amount of yardage. 

Data is below and additions of price can be seen via the drop-down menu. The base price you see above is the cost of Kit B; adjustments are made for the other two kits. 


Kit A

This yarn is Nimbus, an EarthFaire exclusive, a 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) yarn.  Not quite as fine as merino though plenty soft enough for next-to-skin wear.  What it does have that merino doesn't is a lovely drape and even a shine.  

Each set is made up of 6 smaller skeins of 109 yards each so your total will be about 654 yards.  

This colorway is called Charmed and was dreamt up when I found a photo of a lovely rose. It changes colors in a most beautiful way -- starting with a rich golden amber gradually flowing into a cool rosy pink. 


Kit B

Here the yarn is Verve, 100% superwash merino.  Each set is a five skein unit, 5 x  100 yards/ 25g for a total of 500 yards. 

The colorway is A Walk By The Shore, and gradually changes from a clear sky blue into a violet into mauve with a bit of sandy plum at the end.   


Kit C

The yarn here is the luxurious Leeana, a 51%/ 49% cultivated Silk/ Merino yarn, again five skeins though here each skein is 110 yards/ 25g so your total amount will be 550 yards.  

(The yarn is more expensive and you will see the extra cost via the drop-down menu.)

The colorway is a lovely one we have named Morgan Le Fay, after the figure in Arthurian legend.  The colorway is a delightful blend from coral to rose to lilac to violet to blue.  



Though beads are optional, we will be including beads in each kit. 

One can bead all or just some of the charts of this design. Hayley recommends size 6/0 beads, 680 of them if one decides to put them in all the possible charts. 

And so that is what we will be including in each kit:  roughly 60g of size 6/0 beads.  

If you have a preference on bead colors, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you.