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This gorgeous red one is by Mindy Ross and shown with her permission.
This gorgeous red one is by Mindy Ross and shown with her permission.

From Boo Knits is this gorgeous Dare to Dream Shawl. 

It is best to get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here. If there is any reason this would not suit you, let me know and I will arrange for a printed copy for you. 

The Design

Bev writes:

This is a little shawl that is quietly sophisticated and heavily beaded – unashamedly romantic, so airy and so dreamy with a little extra weight coming from the beads, it stays in place and feels so very, very luxurious. The open, lacy pattern is reminiscent of the art deco period, geometric, linear and yet still wonderfully feminine.

Requiring about 400m of laceweight or fingering weight yarn, and around 500 (optional) seed beads, this pattern has both full written instructions and a chart to make your knitting experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Yarn

I happen to have in stock some strikingly delicious skeins of lace weight yarn from Sweet Georgia. 

This is Cashsilk Lace, made up of 55% silk/ 45% cashmere and with 400 yards (365m) per 50g.  

This is an almost-solid tonal colorway called Salt Air, a wonderful blue teal subtly mixed with some sea greens.  

One skein would give you just about enough for the smallest size (many of the shawls on the project pages used even a bit less yardage). Two skeins would definitely allow you to knit the largest.

Our kit is set up to give you one skein.  If you would like more yardage, contact me or simply order two kits and tell me to adjust the number of beads.  


The designer recommends the larger 6/0 beads or even the 5/0 triangles from Miyuki. 

On the other hand, I have found that larger beads on lace weight yarn can with time lead to the fabric pulling out of shape from the weight. 

I will leave it up to you. 

This smaller size needs only about 500 beads and more than that will be included in each kit.  (The larger size will need about 850 so if you go for two kits with 6/0s, I will adjust the number of beads and refund what you don't need.)  

Our drop-down menu is set so you can get 8/0 beads (the "default" beads for this kit) or the larger ones if you prefer.  Make your choice and tell me if you have a preference on color as well.  Otherwise i will chose for you. 


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