Oh Delilah/ A Beaded Shawlette Pattern by She-Knits

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A fun knit!

This is from Sharon Dreifuss of She-Knits. I quote her here:

"How about some fringed, funky, floral lace, sideways, one piece, fun?"

The original pieces, photographed and shown here, were done in a cashmere lace weight (that's the blue one) and a sport weight linen (the mauve). It can easily be lengthened if so desired. The cashmere used 380 yards and the sport weight yarn was used to make a longer Delilah with 440 yards.

At the tip of each fringe, Sharon added one sweet bead -- she used 5/0 triangles but any that fit on the yarn can be used. Figure on 170 beads if you want to put one on every fringe tip, though this is optional (a coordinating-but-slightly-darker-color-than-yarn bead color is suggested).

The size after blocking –(and btw, blocking is not necessary unless you want to add length - the fringe are NOT blocked either way and the ones you see here were not blocked!) come to, for the lace weight approximately 40”long and 7”high at center point to fringe tip and for the sport weight longer version approximately 60”long and 10”high at center point to fringe tip.

What we offer here on this web page is a printed-out-hard-copy of the pattern, ten pages on heavy weight paper, with charted directions.

This should be a real pleasure to make!