Dental Floss Threader/ package of 25

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Finally we were able to purchase these in bulk and now can offer them to you!

Up to this point, I've been shopping in my neighborhood supermarket's toothpaste aisle and buying these one package at a time myself. But we contacted G.U.M, the company that makes these and they were so nice. When I said we weren't dental professionals but explained how wonderful their product is for threading beads onto yarn or thread they said, "Well, that sounds like a legitimate use!" and we were able to open up a merchant account with them.

I am thrilled and delighted.

So those of you who have been having difficulty finding these near you, or anyone who would just like to stock up -- here they are for your beading pleasure!

[And if you cannot figure out what these are and why we have them on the site --- They are superb little tools for getting beads onto yarn or thread when the pattern calls for the beads to be pre-strung. Just think of them as odd-shaped needles -- the loop is the "eye" and the point is, well, the point. Put the yarn through the eye and slide the beads up and on. Bingo! Easy and painless....]

Twenty-five floss threaders per package.