Diamond Fantasy Scarf or Shawl/ Pattern

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) -- your choice.


Sivia just re-issued her classic Diamond Fantasy Shawl to expand it in a marvelous way.

The new version of this beauty is now set up for the addition of beads -- added to the written directions and to the charts.

An elegant triangular piece, the pattern specifies 350 yards of fingering weight yarn for the scarf and 750 yards for the shawl. (The finished dimensions will run approximately 50" wide at the top and 22" from top to tip for the scarf or 78" wide at the top and 34" top to tip for the shawl.)

Interestingly, Sivia told me a while ago: "I think the Diamond Fantasy a perfect lace pattern for variegated yarn. I believe it is because the trellis work pattern, in which almost every pair of stitches contains an increase and a decrease, creates a pointillistic effect, reducing any variegation to little dots of color and breaking up stripes, pooling and other undesirable effects." Which opens up the wonderful world of handpainted yarn for this design.


Bead requirements are for size 6/0: 91 for the scarf or 231 for the shawl. These are added via the crochet hook add-as-you-go method, so be sure to be prepared for that with a steel crochet hook 0.6mm or 0.75mm size (usually labeled as size 13 or 14 in the US).



The original pattern also allowed for lace weight yarn, and this version would also -- the finished piece would be a bit "hole-ier" and still look very very fine indeed. And bear in mind that as there is no need to pre-thread the beads as you will be adding each to the stitch as you get to it, you can use lighter beads if you so desire as well.

I prefer 8/0 for lace weight yarn as they are lighter and won't overwhelm or weigh down the shawl.

The pictures here show it very well (and were all taken by Vivian Aubrey).

We think you'll enjoy it. Sivia's instructions are extremely clear and well-written.