Diane/ Kit with Party of Five Sets/ Bead option

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Teresa's original shawl
Teresa's original shawl
Romi's original Diane, knit in one color.
Romi's original Diane, knit in one color.
Another knit by Teresa
Another knit by Teresa

Rosemary (Romi) Hill created a most lovely shawl called Diane.  

Get the pattern from Romi on her Ravelry page.  What we have here is great yarn sets and the possibility of beads. 


The Design

Here is how Romi describes it: 

In her Ravatar, Diane sits beside a gorgeous expanse of rippling blue water. I can almost feel the fresh air blowing on shore. I don’t know much about her, but I do know she loves lace. Lace and water: a perfect jumping off point!

When I designed Diane, the shawl, I used the traditional Feather and Fan pattern in a slightly quirky way. Designed in a series of wedges, the shaping of this shawl fits perfectly into the stitch pattern so that the wedges undulate beautifully like waves along the sea strand. Knit up in blue, it is a representation of the water she sits by. Knit up in mottled whites and browns, it reminds me of seashells.

Well, as I was wandering around Ravelry I came upon a gorgeous version of Diane, knit by Teresa (teresat2t on Ravelry) using, instead of water colors or seashell colors, a marvelous set of Sweet Georgia's Party Of Five yarns, in the colorway called Snapdragon. 

I wrote to Teresa to ask for permission to use her photos to show this lovely version, and ask about the knit.  Here is what she responded, "Diane is an excellent design for a gradient yarn - it is designed that each wedge contains the same number of stitches. Ergo it is easy to use a gradient mini set as you know exactly how much yarn is used for each wedge. Love Sweet Georgia Yarns..."

The Yarn

Party of Five is a set of mini-skeins, each dyed in Tough Love Sock, a 3-ply 80% superwash merino/ 20% mylon.  Each of these five skeins has 105 yards so you have a totla of 525 yards for each set. 

We are not offering the same Party of Five that Teresa used in hers.  You can see our offerings in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Party of Five set "Whisper": includes sapphire, bluebell, lupine, iris, and empress, all almost-solid subtle tonalities of purples and blues.

(The other Party of Five set we had here, in "Fairytale" is sold out, sorry.)


Note that Romi did not specifically put beads in this design, but some of the shawls on the Project Pages do.  I can picture 6/0 beads or the equivalent for this design, perhaps along the bottom edging. 

At any event, we are offering you the choice of getting beads for this design or not.  If you choose beads (from the drop-down menu under the top photo above) what you will get is a roughly 35 gram container of size 6/0 beads (that's between 400 and 420 beads), selected to look very fine indeed with your yarn colorway.  

The Pattern

The pattern has both charts and written instructions, and all that is needed is one skein of your choice here plus the beads, included in the kit.

 Please remember: the pattern itself must be gotten from Romi on her Ravelry page.

This will ensure that you get any needed updates, and will store the pattern in your Ravelry library.