Diva Yarn: Mohair/Silk + Free Pattern: Whimsy Cowl

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Diva in colorway #16
Diva in colorway #16
Diva in colorway #27
Diva in colorway #27
Nim's original cowl,                   
© Nim Teasdale
Nim's original cowl, © Nim Teasdale

This is a case of putting the cart before the horse. 

I was able to get this yarn from a new company in Germany and decided to give it a try. 

The yarn is 70% kid mohair, 30% silk, a soft deliciousness.  Dyed in sections of long colors, the whole gives a length of 210m (that's about 230 yards)/ 100g.

Note that this is essentially the same fiber composition as Rowan's Kidsilk but in a heavier weight. 

Quite striking. 

I knew I could use this in any pattern that called for Kidsilk doubled but I wanted one that one of these skeins would work perfectly for as itself. 

So I went hunting for a pattern that would work well with it.  I wanted a design that wouldn't get lost in the soft fuzziness of the yarn and that would benefit from the delightful changing colors. 

I came up with Whimsy Cowl by Nim Teasdale.

A free pattern (!), it can be used with just about any yardage of yarn from fingering to aran weight. 

Get the pattern from Nim's Ravelry page

The Design

Nim writes:

This whimsical cowl recipe is a simple, adaptable, fun knit. Make a snug collar or a long loop as you please.

Cast on any multiple of 22 sts - 110 sts or more is recommended for a narrow cowl) and knit until you’re ready to stop. The yardage listed is for small to medium sizes. A very long loop might need more.

Ideal for a nice lofty DK or aran yarn, it can also make a great textured piece with more drape when worked in a fingering weight to be worn as a long loop or doubled up. (It is a good idea to do a tension swatch to see if the fabric made will suit the style you prefer if wishing to make an upright collar style cowl. Yarns with more loft and less drape work best.)

Worked in the round on circular needles, either with interchangeable tips or two sizes of needles to allow the body to be worked on smaller needles than the cast on edge.

Note that the pattern is both charted and written, and can be worked exclusively from the written pattern.

Nim says it is suitable for adventurous beginners. Stitches required are knit, purl, yo, k2tog, ssk.

The picture on the top of this web page shows one of Nim's original cowl pieces plus in the inset photo are the two yarns we offer here.  You can see them again right below that. 

The Colors

About the yarn -- here is what the manufacturer writes on a card that came with the yarn:

These appealing gradient yarns are made for you in our creative yarn factory.  All these different color gradients are handmade.  By using up to 8 different colored yarns, the skein reaches its unique combination of color.

The change in color is done by knotting together the single threads. The endings of the threads are left long which makes it easier to use them until the end -- so please do not open the knots.  Stroke over the ends of the thread at the end of a colour and simply knit or chrochet these threads.  If there are any threads left at the finished model, just cut those off if need be.  

There is a bit more data (which we will include in each ball of yarn) but this is what I wanted to be sure you saw. 

 We brought in two colorways you can choose between. 

#16 is a flower garden of fuchsia into violet into wisteria into lilac. 

#27 is a turquoise into green into wine into golden amber -- sunset over a calm sea.  (Sorry, sold out)