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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
The rest of these photos show Jennifer's original shawl.  And most show close-ups of the stitches.
The rest of these photos show Jennifer's original shawl. And most show close-ups of the stitches.

By Jennifer of Lavish Craft, Divisionism is a perfect to indulge one's love of color!

Please plan on getting the design directly from Jennifer on her Ravelry page. This web page offers the yarns only.

The Design

Here is what she writes: 

Divisionism (also Pointillism) Is the characteristic style of Neo Impressionist painting, defined by separation of colors into individual dots or patches which interact optically.

(Think Seurat and Signac)


What a marvelous way to play with color!

Requiring only simple beginner skills of knitting, this will still keep advanced knitters intrigued. 

You will knit the main body in a honeycomb texture of two-row color stripe pairings. These pairings cycle through all combinations providing a lesson and ‘sampler’ to demonstrate how different colors interact.

The lower edge is a simple lace (a modified Old Shale Stitch), again cycling through the colorways at four row intervals..

The Yarn and Colorways

Our yarn and colorways are not not not not the same as what Jennifer used in her original pieces. You can see what we've put together in the inset photo on the top picture and then below that. 

Indeed, the designer recommends this pattern as a wonderful way to try all sorts of combinations. 

What is needed is four colors of fingering weight yarn, with about 200 yards each, prefereably two variegated and two solid or semi-solid colorways.  


Kit A: 

The first three of these skeins are from Malabrigo, their Finito (100% pure superfine merino wool with 200 yards per 50g skein). The yarn feels awesome, truly. 

1.  Archangel (Finito) is a variegated colorway including reds and purples and oranges overall. 

2.  Dewberry (Finito) is an almost-solid of purple with some variation of tonalities. 

3. Jupiter (Finito) is a play on reds with suggestions of browns as well. 

4.  From Koigu (100% merino with 170 yards/ 50g skein), this is their Fireworks 493.  The background is black and shot through with vibrant jeweltone colors.  On this black color base runs dashes of brilliant colors:  fuchsia, red, gold, purple.


Kit B: 

Three of these skeins are the Koigu and one is the Finito.

1.  Arco Iris  (Finito) is a vareigated colorway with pinks and greens primarily and variations of each of those (some red-violet, some pale lime, etc). 

2.  Koigu Fireworks 560,  with greens and blues and teals shooting across a deep dark everygreen background. 

3.  Koigu Speckled 706, with greens of varying tones as well as some creams and blacks and subtle whispers of browns.  

4.  Koigu Speckled 756, with a pale pink backgound and speckled with rose and varying greens and teals

(Note that three out of four skeins in Kit B have 170 yards of yarn instead of 200.  If you would feel more comfortable with an extra skein, contact us and we'll work with you for some extra yarn.) 



No, not as part of the pattern but this stitchwork just seems to cry out for some addtions.  So I am adding an option for getting beads as well with each set of yarn.

It will be up to you where and how often to add beads to the design. 

If you so choose, you will get a 20g container of size 6/0 beads -- that is roughly 240 beads.  And in your choice of one color or multis.  

See the drop-down menu above. 


Reminder:  get your pattern directly from Jennifer on her Ravelry page. 



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