Dos Tierras: 3 Colorways + Pattern Suggestion

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This one was knit using one skein each of the Teal Feathers and the Pearl.
This one was knit using one skein each of the Teal Feathers and the Pearl.
Here are the colorways:  Pearl, Teal Feather, Hollyhock.
Here are the colorways: Pearl, Teal Feather, Hollyhock.

This web page is set up to allow you to purchase one skein at a time.  There is a lovely shawl (described below) that requires two skeins (one each of two colors).

Just to make sure it is clear: the price you see under the top photo on this page is for one skein of Dos Tierras.  

The Yarn

Dos Tierras is a lovely DK weight yarn from Malabrigo.

With 210 yards (193 meters)/ 100 grams it is made up of 50% Merino, 50% Baby Alpaca -- need I say that it feels marvelous. 

From the Malabrigo folk:

Dos Tierras means Two Lands, reflecting the sources of the two amazing fibers found in this ultra-soft yarn.

By spinning together 50% of our fine Uruguayan Merino wool with 50% baby alpaca from Peru we have created a DK weight yarn that is as versatile as it is beautiful.

And when we combine the good stitch definition and drape of this four ply yarn with our amazing kettle-dyed semi-solid and variegated colors you have the perfect palette to help show off your stitch work.

The Colorways

We brought in three colorways -- left to right they are:

1.  Pearl is a great neutral, a light taupe (sort of a grey with a smigen of brown to it).

2. Teal Feather is a vibrant almost-solid in teal. 

3. HollyHock is a rich almost-solid wine. 


Pattern Suggestion

A pattern that really caught my eye is shown on the second and third photo on this page. 

Available via Ravelry and called Aeshna, it requires only one skein each of two colorways of Dos Tierras.  

Pick two of our colors and create a real beauty.  I particularly like either Peal + Holly Hock or Peal + Teal Feather for this one.

 In fact, the last shawl shown on this page was knit using exactly that:  one skein of Pearl and one of Teal Feather1  :-)

The designer, Sabine Kastner, writes;

This elegant shawl combines lace and short rows to create a delicate, flowing stitch pattern reminiscent of dragonfly wings. The name of the design refers to the Common Hawker (Aeshna juncea), a large dragonfly found frequently in moorlands throughout Europe.

The Aeshna shawl is worked down and outwards from a garter-tab cast-on at the top centre. The garter-stitch body is interrupted by four lace inserts, which are shaped with short rows.

The same Little Arrowhead Lace, an easy 4-row repeat pattern worked with right- and left-leaning decreases, yarn overs, and central decreases, runs along the bottom edge of the shawl and is finished with a matching picot bind-off.

Both charts and written instructions are provided for the lace sections.