Dotty: Crocheted Cowl: Free Pattern

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Alexis Noquet Photography @anoquet
Alexis Noquet Photography @anoquet

A lovely cowl, completely reversible and crocheted of two colorways of Malabrigo's Sock yarn. 

Plus the pattern is free!  Get it here via Ravelry.


Dotty was designed by Elena Fedotova.  And here is what she writes: 

This cowl is worked in the round and uses a reversible double-layer stitch pattern which results in a two-in-one piece for your accessory collection.

The stitches are worked into two lower rounds at the same time, making it fun and interesting to work up.


The sample you see here was crocheted using Malabrigo Sock in #722 Fortaleza and #131 Sand Bank.

And that is exactly what we offer here:  a kit made up of one skein of each. 

I have difficulty finding the right names for hues in the brown family.  The best way I can describe Sand Bank is to say it is an almost-solid with variations of tone.  It looks more to me like wet sand than dry, a pale tree trunk in the distance in the forest, or maybe a delicious mushroom.  Does that help? 

The Fortaleza is easier.  It is a variegated fiesta of colors including greens and purples, blues and reds, magentas and violets.  






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