Double Diamond Socks/ Pattern from Lucy Neatby

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A wonderful new sock design from Lucy Neatby's amazing needles!

These are stunning bead-topped socks with your choice of either a diamond waffle or a diamond lace motif.

Here is how Lucy describes these:

"A most alluring pair of bead-topped socks with a choice of two different diamond patterns. The Diamond Lace (shown at right) gives a traditional lacy effect, whilst the Waffle pattern gives a denser, more textured look."

Size: Adult S, M, L

Skill level: Intermediate

Techniques: Provisional Crochet Cast On, facings, modest beadwork, increases, decreases and yarn-overs.

Yarn: 100g Fingering weight. Mottled solids and yarns with gentle colour gradations are suggested, but as you see with the socks shown below, beautiful socks can be made with any yarn.

The beads are considered to be optional. They certainly add a lot! You will want size 6/0s in two colors -- 128 (144, 160) of one and 32 (36, 40) of the other per sock. Lucy gives you other options for using the same number of each color bead as well.

Just a note; Lucy tends to give a lot (!!) of data in her patterns. She actually ends up teaching the knitter a great deal The pattern is hefty and I've actually had people decide that they simply aren't "good enough" to do one of her designs. I wanted to assure you --- it might at first look daunting. Sometimes I have found it best to just dive in and start. It becomes very clear as you go. All the instructions that you need are there and then some, plus Lucy is available to help if anyone hits a snag.

The result is a stunning pair of socks and increased knitting skills.