I Am Dragon II: Kits + Bead Option + Sew-in Magnetic Clasp

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Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow
The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure in black.
The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure in black.
Alexandra's original piece.
Alexandra's original piece.
Another one of Alexandra's; this one without the ring closure and here to show the design.
Another one of Alexandra's; this one without the ring closure and here to show the design.

Again, we just had to put together kits for this! 

We brought in the ring closures that you see here  as well -- more details below. 


By Alexandra Davidoff, I Am Dragon II is a wonderful "scarf-necklace" that is suitable for both men and women!

Please be sure to get your copy of the pattern from Alexandra via her Ravelry page here.  Our kit consists of yarn that will look great with it plus a special closure from JUL designs.  


Alexandra's FB and Instagram presence can be found here:

 Facebook: StudioDavidoff

 Instagram: alexandra.davidoff.studio


The Design

Here is what Alexandra writes:

This is a second design in the I Am Dragon Trilogy...

It is a triangular shape design, wrapped around the neck with a closure at front. This is one skein project, but trust me - it’s not going to be a boring one!

Keep in mind that blocking plays a big role, so your piece will get into its final shape only after the blocking.


Yarn and Colors

We are not offering the same yarn that the designer used in her original.  You can see what we have for the kits in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below that.  Alexandra's photos are here to show the design and used with her permission. 


What is need for this pattern is about 400 - 420 yards (366 - 384 m) of fingering weight yarn. 

This time we are offering from Louisa Harding her Amitola, a 80% wool/ 20% silk blend with 273 yards (250m)/ 50g ball.  Interesting, despite the yardage, this knits beautifully as a heavy fingering weight yarn. Two balls will make up each kit. 

We have two colorways you can choose from.  Both of them give the long color runs that makes Amitola pretty special and will give this piece a gorgeous look of depth. 

1. Sleepy Hollow is a blend of varying neutrals and is a perfect unisex colorway.  I see gray into blue into beige into brown --- lovely!

2.  Iridescent has bright and happy colors.  We show two balls in our photo that might look like they are different colorways but truly Iridescent goes through all those hues.  Think rose into green into purple into gold into blue.  Beautiful!  

Select your colorway from the drop-down menu. 


The designs as written has the optional addition of 150 glass beads size 6/0.  We offer you that same bead option via the drop-down menu labeled "Kit."

Actually, we'll give you a bit more, around 20g which comes to about 240 beads, + or -, so if a few drop on the floor when the cat jumps on your lap you'll still be fine.  :-)

They might be beads with a dramatic contrast or perhaps beads that pick up one of the colors in the yarn colorway.  In any event, they will be catching the light in a most lovely way.

If you have a preference on bead color tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

I generally like beads that pick up some aspect of the yarn color; in this case that might include silver or any of the blue tones.. 


An Additional Option:

The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure can be seen on the photos here -- we have a number of these on this web page if you would like to get it as part of your piece. 

The Cordoba Tiny Ring Closure is part of a new series of screw-in leather closures that use a .5 inch wide tab of medium weight (5/6 oz) leather with differing styles of hardware. The Cordoba Tiny Ring uses a spring gate ring, which functions like a carabiner, opening to the inside to release one of the tabs and, in this way, allow the garment or accessory to be taken on and off easily.

The Tiny Cordoba Ring Closure is ideal for light-weight knits for which a lighter, more delicate closure is needed. The Tiny Ring weighs a scant half ounce...

Check out the video demonstration of how to attach. 


Each kit will consist of 2 balls of yarn.  If you wish to get the Ring Closure, you can get your choice of two colors here.   

We will also include in each kit a sew-in magnetic clasp -- we have circular ones in silver-tone