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Tick Tock
Tick Tock
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
This picture, and each of the remaining photos on this page, shows mitts as knit by Deborah.
This picture, and each of the remaining photos on this page, shows mitts as knit by Deborah.
And these next two showing close-ups with details.
And these next two showing close-ups with details.

Oh my!  Gigantically big smiles here!

Some fantabulous fingerless mitts, awash with colors,  ruffles and beads!  

The Design

The creator of this beauty is Deborah Harowitz of Sea Air Arts, and I will let her tell you about her Dragon Paws

Dragon Paws are bejeweled hand warmers with pointed ruffles resembling the graceful sweep of Dragon Wings.

Designed to use all those fabulous little leftovers of sock yarn, pick four or five yarns in colors that play well together.

Hand dyed and printed yarns add to the raggedy ruffled look that makes the Dragon Paws fun to wear for the discerning Miss of any age. Your choice of colors and beads can give you a look from girly or elegant to steampunk or goth.

You will have a cuff ruffle, two wrist ruffles and a picot trim on the fingers.

Beads are an optional embellishment for that extra touch of bling.

Deborah also mentions that a one-color yarn with loooong color repeats look "exceptionally great"  for this design.  So that is what we are offering here. 

The Yarn and Colorways

Deborah's original pieces (shown here with her permission) were knit using a different yarn than what we put together in these kits.  You can see our kit yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are here so you can see the design itself. 

As what is needed is between 400 and 450 yards of fingering weight or sport weight yarn, what we selected is my personal favorite in loooooooong color run yarns, Amitola from Louisa Harding.  This is a 80% Wool/ 20% Silk with 273 yards/ 50g.  Sometimes it is listed as a DK weight yarn; it also knits up beautifully as a fingering weight. 

Two skeins will be included in each kit so you will have plenty of yarn to play with.

We brought in a few lovely colors to choose from: Bear in mind that if you want identical mitts, you will have to wind of some of the second one to find the color you started with on the first.  Or knit them as fraternal twins --- I think that will look lovely.

1. Wendy is a brand-new colorway, one of the 2016 ones named after characters from Peter Pan.   I see deep charcoal (almost black) moving into purple and then rose, before it slides back into a lilac shade again and then its black tones. 

2. Tick Tock (remember Captain Hook's nemesis, the crocodile who swallowed a clock?) is another new one.  Here again is a deep almost-black which moves into a deep teal and then peach into amber into gold, then a suggestion of green before it starts the cycle again.

3. Tiger Lily is named after Peter Pan's Indian friend.  It is a strikingly bright colorway, of yellow into orange into blue into beige into brown.  Wow. 

4. Salsa has been around for a while, colorway-wise, and it is so beautiful I had to offer it here.  Salsa is a vibrant blend of rich topical hues. Think of a brilliant sunset -- gold, orange and rose --- and then add the greens of a jungle plus the indigo of the approaching night sky.  This one will let you truly laugh at Old Man Winter!

The Beads

Beads may be optional but I love how they turn this wristwarmer into a real dragon-y look. Deborah suggests about 25 grams of size 6/0 and that is what we will include in each kit.

I like it when beads borrow a color from the yarn colorway and expand on that, though here they definitely should stand out.  There are quite a few that I think will look awesome and really add to the overall look.  

 If you have a personal preference, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

The pattern must be gotten here on Deborah's Ravelry page. 

This will ensure that you get all updates and help that evolves with the design. 

There are also some neat tips on this Dragon Paws Pattern Companion page, so be sure to check it out.