Dragon Paws/ A Mitten Pattern from Barbara Gregory

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Oh my goodness gracious!

It must be love!

I have recently "gotten into" mittens -- I love how they are small palettes for creativity and can be made out of a great selection of yarns and yarn weights, and can be used immediately to spread warmth and color through this our coldest season.

So I was wandering around Ravelry looking at what was being offered and hunting for new ideas when I chanced upon Dragon Paws.

And Ooomph! Blown away!

I think this pattern is simply marvelous. It features a dragon (well, what else?) which as you know if one of my very favorite creatures. The happy little guy is on the front (the top part) of the mittens, while his tail winds around to the palm.

Here is how Barbara describes this beauty:

"This pair of lighthearted dragons will bring warmth and cheer to the bleak days of winter. These elusive creatures are never seen in their entirety: turn over the hand to see the tail which wraps around to the palm. Of course, dragons come in every color, so have fun choosing two contrasting yarns—a yarn with gradual color transitions can be used here to great effect." Finished measurements are 7.75”/19.5 cm circumference with 7.25”/18.5 cm wrist to top and 9.25”/23.5 cm length.

Choose Fingering weight/ 4 ply (14 wpi) yarn that will give a gauge of 28 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in stranded colorwork.

So as you see, Barbara wrote these for fingering weight yarn and we have lots that you can use for it (and more coming). JojoLand's Melody would be perfect just to name one, or one of the Poems Socks colorways -- check out our fingering weight pages or email me for specific suggestions. You will want a solid colored background while using a long-color-repeat-type yarn for Mr. Dragon himself (or Miss Dragon perhaps). Ballad would work perfectly with Melody and we just got in an array of colors for both. These would give you a pair of mittens to fit a teen to an average woman

I am currently making a pair for one of my adult sons who also likes dragons. That one I am doing in a felt-able light worsted weight yarn, the idea being to make it large enough for his hand and to felt it down to fit him if need be (which also would add to the warmth). (I am using Baritone and Rhythm for his but make sure it is the non-superwash Rhythm or another yarn that will felt down).

It is coming out great! I am so very pleased. [I have found, though, that doing it this way -- larger and with heavier yarn -- definitely requires a bit more yarn.]

This page is for a hard copy of the pattern. We think you will also be delighted!