Dragon's Rest Shawl/ Pattern by Abigail Phelps

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New and improved! This design has been revamped so that it is more of an advanced beginner pattern rather than advanced or difficult.

This pattern really makes me smile!

Abbey has created a delightful shawl that is designed around the concept of dragon's wings!

Yup! You read that right. All you need to do is follow her directions and you will end up with a shawl that should be about the width of your arms, finger-tip to finger-tip, and shaped like marvelous dragon's wings!

Now tell me, how could I pass that by?

Called Dragon's Rest Shawl, this amazing piece allows you to choose any yarn you desire, as long as it is easily block-able (i.e. which means, generally speaking, an animal fiber or blend thereof).

Abbey writes amazingly clear directions that allow you to make this beauty using your choice of one of three different weights of yarn. So you can create your Dragon's Rest in fingering weight, DK weight or in worsted weight.

(Yardage will vary of course depending on gauge and size chosen. For the worsted weight, Abbey recommends about 650 yards, 800 in DK and 1000 in fingering so keep that in mind as you shop. What we offer here from this web page is a hard copy of the pattern. )

The photos here were taken of her original piece, made using Malibrigo Yarn Rio, a worsted weight.

Plus now, in this latest version, there are charts as an option for the lace insert spine but it is no longer required.

I love it when a designer allows us to pick and choose and (pardon the pun) spread our wings!