Drawing Board Shawl/ Beaded Kits

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Azul Profundo is the darker skein; Dopomine is the one on top.
Azul Profundo is the darker skein; Dopomine is the one on top.
Pearl and Mindful
Pearl and Mindful
Sivia's original shawl
Sivia's original shawl

Only one kit left!


A wonderful new beaded shawl design by Sivia Harding, Drawing Board is a great summer knit!

The Design

Here is how Sivia describes it: 

This shawl is a summery, lighthearted asymmetrical sweep that includes sections of slipped stitches, color stripes, soothing garter stitch, and a bit of lace.

Choose your own adventure as you migrate through this piece…you can change up the order of the stitch patterns in any way you like!

The Yarn and Colorways

We put together kits that do not use the same yarns nor colorways that Sivia used in her original.  What we have can be seen in the inset photos on the top picture here and again below that.  Her original shawl is pictured here so you can get a good idea of the design.


In each of our kits, for Yarn A (the lighter color in Sivia's original shawl) we have selected Tosh Merino Light, with 420 yards (384m) of 100% merino wool.  

And for Yarn B, we have Malabrigo's Mechita, 100% merino superwash, with 420 yards (385m) per skein.  


Kit #1: The MadTosh colorway is a brand-new one called Dopamine, a lovely tonal blend of turquoise and teal with speckles of blue and purple and chocolate.  

The Mechita colorway is an almost-solid called Azul Profundo, a deep and rich Capri Blue that has amazing depth to it. 


Kit #2:  The MadTosh colorway is a tonal callee Mindful, overall varying tones of red-violets (wines and mulberries) with very occasional splashes of blue.  

The Mechita is Pearl, an almost-solid of a gray (with a whisper of lilac). 


The Beads

The pattern includes an optional beaded picot bind off that requires 51 size 6 beads.  Your kit will include well more than that number of beads. 

if you have a preference on color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

This kit as it currently stands, includes the yarn plus the beads, without the pattern.

We strongly suggest you get the pattern directly from Sivia on her Ravelry page.  That will ensure that you get any updates or further instructions from the designer and your pattern will be saved in your Ravelry library. 

If for any reason this is not workable for you, contact us and we'll work out another way for you to get the pattern.  We can also email it directly to you or print it out and send the hard copy with you kit.  Tell me if we should add these options.