Dryad: Kits for Beaded Shawl (including fringe beads)

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Tide Pool
Tide Pool

Sivia Harding is one of my very favorite designers. And she recently has been revamping some of her earlier patterns --- perfectly in line with Springtime's rebirth and renewal....

This one is Dryad

The Pattern

If you wish, we can send you the pattern either via email (sent when we ship the kit) or printed out (see drop-down menu).  Or getting it from Sivia's Ravelry page directly is also an option -- set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed" if you plan on getting it there. 

The Design

Here is what Sivia writes: 

Dream on with Dryad. 

This winged stole begins with a center-out square and develops into elliptically shaped sides. Subtlety sets the tone of this quietly understated piece that looks more complicated than it is to make.

Optional beads add drape and a flourish!

The Yarn and Colorways

Sivia used a 100% silk lace weight yarn for her original piece and while we could do that, we decided instead to offer a merino/ chasmere/ silk blend.  I like how this combination of fibers gives drape, softness, a bit of shine, as well as memory.  And many of the shawls you see on the Project Pages use a similar fiber mix quite beautifully. 

You can see what we have to offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. We also (with Sivia's permission) show her original piece so you can get a good idea of the look of the design (photos © Megan Jones).  

Our yarn is from Shalimar and is called, very aptly, Breathless Lace.  Made up of 75% sueprwash merino/ 15% cashmere/ 10% silk, you can imagine how it feels I am sure.

Each skein has 850 yards so two will be in each kit, giving you well more than you will need to make this beautiful piece. 

We brought in a few lovely almost-solid colorways. 

1.  Wisteria is a bit deeper in tone, a violet-gray that sings to me of Victorian parlors.

2.  Damask is an antique rose, a lovely look.  (Sorry, sold out)

3.  Tide Pool is a pale aqua blue, though in some lights it looks gray.  (Sorry, sold out)


Though the beads are optional, each kit will include them.  (if you'd rather not, tell me and I'll refund that portion of the kit).

The pattern as written gives you options for size 6/0 or size 8/0 beads.  Generally speaking l prefer size 8/0s for lace weight yarn as the 6/0s are rather heavy in comparision.  However the 6/0s are definitely more dramatic.

I have set up these kits to come with 8/0 beads.  If you decide you'd like 6/0s instead, that option is possible via the drop-down menu labeled "kit." 

You will notice from the photos that Sivia used cube beads.  We could give you those as well -- the 3x3mm ones work nicely with lace weight yarn.  We don't have a lot of them so the colors possible are limited, but if you'd like us to try for these for your kit, just let me know. 

And let me know if you have a preference on color.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

Plus!  Each and every kit will also come with about 16 large drop or dagger beads for the fringe.  Let me choose for you from what we have in stock that will work with your yarn color choice. 


This is a lovely lovely shawl; and Sivia's designs are so well-written that they are a real joy to knit.