Duracoat Galvanized Sea Foam: Miyuki 6/0 Seed Beads

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I have recently become enamored of the new Duracoat Galvanized beads that Miyuki has been making.

To give a bit of background: galvanized beads have a finish which generally speaking make them look like they have been dipped in a metallic bath. Up to now, we've avoided bringing these beads into Earth Faire as the finish tended to flake off if abraded or washed or subjected to sweat and we thought that between bracelets and shawls and lovely projects in between, how could we possible tell you to avoid those.

However, Miyuki has recently come out with a finish they call duracoat. And what this basically means is that this galvanization will stay looking lovely.

I really like them as they stand out and glow in a most wonderful manner and make just about any piece look that much more stunning.

This page has size 6/0 beads in the Duracoat Galvanized Dark Sea Foam.

I am afraid I always need to read the label to tell this apart from the Duracoat Galvanized Sea Foam and its cousin, the Sea Green. All I can say by way of description is that this one is sort of in the middle between them. It is a blue green with a bit more green to it than the Sea Foam, but less than the Sea Green.

Confused yet? :-)


We offer here a smaller 20 gram container (figure about 12 beads per gram in this size; so this container has roughly 240 beads) for your knitting pleasure!