Duracoat Silver Lined Dyed Raspberry Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads

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A wonderfully rich bead color -- this is a lovely rose that shines (well, the silver lining allows it to stand out beautifully)!

I have been saying this on all the web pages with these Duracoat Silver Lined Dyed beads: Note that it is of the Duracoat line, which means it has been tested for durability.  Yet it says "dyed" which always gives me pause.  I checked with our importer and he said that per his tests and per his lack of any complaints, this seems to be a stable bead color.  Well, it is Miyuki again, and so the quality is very high. 

Normal usage includes avoiding exposing these beads to prolonged direct sunlight as well as perfumes and excessive sweat.

Treat it with the same care that you give any of your fine knits and it should stand you in good stead and add much beauty to your work. 

We are packaging these in 20 grams containers; there are about 40 beads per gram.