Dwarrowdelf Stole/ Pattern by Sunflower Designs

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A wonderment from the needles of Susan Pandorf! We are thrilled that she is sharing her gorgeous Fellowship of the Ring collection with us.

Those who have read the Trilogy will recognize the reference to the deep caves of the Dwarven kings of old. Susan writes:

"Dwarrowdelf isn’t an evil place. Yes, the Balrog lives there, yes, it has been overrun by cave trolls. But is was once the great hall of the Dwarven Kings of Old. It has been forgotten & neglected.

"The yarn is Madelinetosh sock in Thicket, a lovely dusky, earthy eggplant type color. I looked at black & charcoal, but it was too stark. I think this color perfectly captures the essence of that feeling - faded out to a dusty echo of what was once royal purple.

"The stole is knit in an interesting fashion. A back strip is knit in two pieces & grafted at center to form a pattern like this: <<<»>. then the ends are knit down from the sides of that strip. turning the pattern upside down results in a repeating arched pattern reminiscent of the great hall itself.

"Stole is finished at the bottom edges with an openwork pattern representing the Misty Mountain."

Now I don't mean to sound heretical, but I think this beauty would look marvelous in just about any color -- it is a stunning creation made with about 1200 yards of fingering weight yarn. The sample took size 3 US needles, for a gauge of 6 stitches to the inch (unblocked).

And the finished measurements of this one is 72" by 22".

The photo to the upper right shows the design of the body of the work, while the first one below shows the edging.

So pick a yarn and a color that sings to you and have a marvelous time creating....