Egyptian Beaded Wristlets and Rings Pattern

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Oh, my... this is really an amazing pattern. From Sivia Harding, a pattern that guides you through the making of lovely beaded wristlets and rings.

Sparkling knitted rings and wristlets in two widths, for children and adults. The beading is easy and fun with no need for pre-stringing. The instruction sheet covers the beading technique.

Sivia had originally used Opal or Opal-color by Lang, a nylon/ viscose blend, with 155 m per 50 gram ball. I queried her on this, as I am unfamiliar with this yarn "...any fine yarn can be substituted, as long as it can be used doubled through a bead hole. Smooth yarns with drape work best, such as silk, rayon, or tencel."

I would probably use any of our wool or wool blend fingering weight yarns, as I like warmth with my wristlets (though not necessarily for my rings...).

The very thin crochet hooks are available under our "Wonderful Extras" category.

Basically, one ball of anything will make several wristlets. You'll also want about 240 beads in a color to match the yarn, and 108 beads in a color to contrast with the yarn. This is for the wide wristlets, with lesser quantities for the narrower ones and for the children's.

This could be a great pattern to play with.