Elfsheen Lace Shawl/ Beaded Kits

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Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots
The original photo that Mary Scott found and that this colorway is based on.
The original photo that Mary Scott found and that this colorway is based on.
Anna's original
Anna's original

This is one gorgeous shawl!

By Anna Victoria (aka RainFlower on Ravelry), Elfsheen is part of her series inspired by the works of JRR Tolkein.

Make sure to get the pattern directly from Anna's Ravelry page here. 

Our kits contain yarn and beads, with three choices on the bead sets.  

Note also the pattern is charts only; there are no line-by-line descriptions.

The Design

Here is what Anna writes: 

Morwen was dark-haired and tall, and for the light of her glance and the beauty of her face men called her Edhelwen (Elfsheen), the elven-fair; but she was somewhat stern of mood and proud! -JRR Tolkien

This is a top-down crescent-shape shawl.

The Yarn and Colorway

Anna writes that the finished size of the shawl and yarn usage will vary wildly depending on the gauge and size. Overall, the amount of yardage that Anna suggests is between 437 - 711 yards (400 - 650 m)-- take a look at the Project Pages to see some lovely creations, some actually using less yarn.  You will note a number knit in solid colors though the majority in gradiences of colorways.

The original one you see on this page knit by Anna used 640 yards.  

What we have on this web page is not the same as the yarn that she used in her original piece.  You can see our yarn in the inset photo in the middle of the shawl as shown in the top picture and again right below that.  The other photos (used with the Anna's permission) are there to show you the design. 

The yarn is Verve, a 100% superwash merino yarn.  Each set is composed of six smaller skeins (100 yards/ 25g) that together equals 150g or about 600 yards.  The colors are designed so that they gradually blend one into the next. 

The colorway is called Mary Queen of Scots and goes from a rosy pink into lilac into violet and then blue. It is based on a most intriguing photo found by Mary Scott, and suggested by her as a colorway in our latest Color Contest.  

The Beads

Though the beads are optional, they will be included in each kit.  If you really would prefer just getting the yarn sets, contact me and I will set you up with a special web page.

Anna used1,153 size 6/0 beads for the version in the first photo.

Important note:  That is almost 100g of glass beads in this size 6/0. We can certainly include those in each kit but want you to be aware that that many 6/0 beads add quite a bit of extra weight to the shawl. 

The advantage is that they look awesome and also that this extra weight adds an amazing drape to the whole. 

However, if you are concerned about the weight of these 6/0s distorting the lace fabric, then we can give you the smaller 8/0 beads (35g gives you about 1,400 beads) instead.  They will be a bit harder to get onto the yarn but they will work and also look very very fine indeed.

Alternatively we can give you a set of 8/0 beads plus a smaller quantity of 6/0s for the finishing edges (35g of 8/0 for about 1400 beads + 25g size 6/0 for about 300 beads). This indeed might be the best of both worlds: the smaller beads in the body of the shawl and the larger beads on the outside edges to add that marvelous drape.  Note though that they might be two different bead colors. 

Use the drop-down menu labeled "kit" to let me know how you'd like to go. 

Anna used Toho beads, a purple iris color, as Toho is high-quality. We stock only Toho or Miyuki beads, so no worries on that.  (Miyuki is considered to make the highest quality beads in the world with Toho a close second.) 

The beads can match (as these do in Anna's shawl) or they can contrast; they might stand out against the yarn color or they might blend a bit.

As an example, silver lined crystals would look great as a striking dramatic look or any of the amethyst ones would look great while being a bit more subtle. 

If you have a preference color-wise, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.