Ella Rae Rustic Lace Quad/ Ibiza or Everest

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This is a most intriguing yarn.

From Ella Rae, this is a light fingering weight yarn with amazing yardage --- 1,257 yards/ 200g.  The yarn comes in pre-wound balls that change color four times across the whole.  

The yarn is 75% LambsWool and 25% Silk and is certified organic (i.e. made with organic fibers).  Which I think is a wonderful thing. :-)


We have two colorways: 

Ibiza is a set of blues.  Though color changes are not a gradual transition,  they move from a deep indigo into a Capri blue then a true blue and finally (in the center of the ball) into turquoise.  Really lovely.   

Everest is a play on grays.  The outside ring is deep charcoal, and the colors lighten as they progress inward, to a slate gray, a medium gray and finally a light gray.  A wonderfully sophisticated look.  


This is not the softest of yarns and might be best with a design that is not for next-to-skein wear though it does soften somewhat after washing. 

And  just as a btw, some of my personal thoughts for designs to use it with include many of Ambah O'Brien's larger shawls, perhaps alternating this yarn with another solid.