Errant Lace Hand Coverings/ Pattern from HeartStrings

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Another perfect design to delight the senses -- as we make them and as we wear them -- from Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts.

These delightful fingerless gloves keep wrists and hands warm. The tapered fit, DK weight yarn and an easy-to-read lace stitch pattern make these simple and quick to knit.

For symmetry, instructions are provided for making the left and right a mirror of each other.

Requiring only 90 (105) yards of DK weight yarn, these beauties are designed in two sizes and with an optional thumb opening.

The Mediums are 7 1/2" around the wrist and 10 inches around the widest part of the hand, while the Large size gives you 8 3/4" around the wrist and 11 1/4" around the widest part of the hand. The lengths of both run 7 1/2" or 8".

The design is lovely -- the feel is marvelous.

A great small project to enjoy any time of year!