Espe/ Kits in Freia Shawl Balls/ Bead Option

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Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet
Susanna's original shawl
Susanna's original shawl

A lovely design by Susanna IC, Espe was created for the Twist Collective using 2 of Freia Fine Handpaints Fingering Shawl Balls. 

What we have here are kits made up of the same yarn but different colorways.  You can see what we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are all © Crissy Jarvis and shown here so you can see the design.

Oh!  And we added the option of adding beads if you so choose.  

Please get your pattern from Susanna's Ravelry web page!  We offer here yarn only.  

Read on for more data. 

The Design

Here is what Susanna writes:  

Inspired by the spectacular colors of the Colorado aspen groves in autumn, this wrap uses lace leaf motifs that let the beautiful colors of the gradient yarn take center stage.

The shawl is worked in one piece, side-to-side, from a tiny six-stitch cast on, and it increases along one edge forming a practical, elongated triangle. A simple yarn over edging is worked along the two longer sides; this can be used for finishing since the blocking wires can be easily threaded through the yarn overs.

The Yarn and Colorways

Freia Fine Handpaints Shawl Ball is a fingering weight yarn of 100% US Cruelty-Free Merino, each ball being pre-wound into very very loooooong color runs.  There are 430 ayrds/ 3.53 oz (393m/ 100g) and so the two balls in each kit will give you a total of 860 yards

We have two colorways you can choose between: 


Cochinilla is a rich colorway that runs from fuchsia into magenta in to red-violet into deep dark eggplant/almost black.  Very dramatic. (Sorry, sold out)

Blue Velvet is a marvelous color play going from aqua into teal into blue into violet.  Rich and striking.  


Note that when I describe each colorway, the colors can also be going vice versa -- you can see two balls in each one of our photos, each being the same colorway but wound from a different end of the colorway. 


No, Susanna doesn't put beads in this design but you can if you'd like.  I have included an option to get a 20g container of 6/0 beads (about 240 beads), in a color that mirrors one of the hues of the yarn you choose.  

Where you put them is up to you.  Add a bit of bling and make this design truly spectacular!


Reminder: get your pattern from Susanna's Ravelry web page or from The Twist Collective page here