Evergreen Bracelet/ Variation on Flying Feathers

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To Druids of old, we owe our tradition of bringing live evergreen trees and garlands into the house at mid-winter.  

The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years.  Often the branches were used to decorate  homes during the winter solstice, as a tribute to renewal and that springtime would come again.


What we have here is a new bracelet, a variation on our Flying Feathers design, that is a song to evergreens and life!

The daggers we chose for this bracelet are really unusual. These Green Tie-Dyed daggers are absolutely gorgeous.  

The dagger itself is a silver, with swirls of varying greens (mainly) and splashes of gold and magenta and orange popping up every noew and then to add to the overall beauty of the whole. 

 I wanted the daggers as the main players on this piece, dancing and moving as the wrist moves.

Between the daggers are 8/0 beads -- i mixed greens, some dark, some light.  And the thread is a lovely variegated green -- subtle nuances of teal shot through it to give it a marvelous depth. 

The clasp is lovely as well -- heavier than most, it is a silver plated toggle reminscent of both a flower or of the sun.   If you would prefer a golden look for your clasp, that is also possible in the same style and would look very fine indeed. There is a drop-down menu offering you a choice. 

I love how the look of this bracelet is perfect for this time of year and able to span the other seasons as well.  

The one shown here used 48 daggers and including the clasp it measures 7".  

The kit includes the thread, the clasp, 8/0 beads, and enough daggers to make a bracelet that is about 7 1/2" to 8".

You will need size 0 needles, not included in the kit.  Everything else you will need is included.

Simply beautiful.  Truly a song to life! 


Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

Many of you have made very similar bracelets and may not feel you need the pattern at all.  That's great.  In that case, select "No Pattern Needed" from the drop-down menu. 

The pattern can be gotten either emailed to you or printed out -- the drop-down menu also offers these options.  The email option is manually done so I generally send that right before shipping the kit.