Ewyn Wrap/Pattern/ by Abbey Phelps

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.


Oh yes yes yes yes yes!

Abigail Phelps of Blackberry Knits has created a superbly marvelous wrap, cunningly designed to showcase yarns with long color repeats in a most fun way!

When she showed me this beauty, Abbey suggested the striking colorways of Universal's Poems Sock yarn as perfect for this design. Many of her test knitters used Poems Sock to beautiful results. You can see some finished projects on the Ewyn Wrap project pages and get a better idea of how these work up.


Let me quote Abbey herself here:

Ewyn is Welsh for foam and this pattern is reminiscent of sea foam.

Using short rows and a yarn with a long colorway this wrap creates waves and crests, eyelets help accentuate each section.

There are 11 different sections to this wrap. They may be worked in any order and repeated, removed and interchanged as desired. By the time you are finished with this pattern you will understand the technique and you can apply it to any pattern you choose. The pattern is written and there are directions for modification to make the wrap wider or narrower. To make the wrap longer or shorter simply add or remove sections as you choose.

Precise gauge is not as important as having a nice drape to your fabric.

Choose a yarn that will block very well, any weight of yarn will work, using a different weight will change your finished size.

The pattern suggests between 600 and 800 yards of fingering weight yarn to make a finished size of 14" x 72". The reason there is such a variation in yardage is that often knitters prefer to match up colorways in their yarn-- in which case they used the maximum yardage.

Which brings me to Poems Sock!

Each skein of Poems Sock has a most generous 459 yards (420 meters) -- so two skeins will give you more than enough to make a very delicious wrap indeed. Or go for three skeins and add to the length or width for a larger piece overall. This yarn is a fantastic way to play with this pattern, in many senses of the word.

We purposely got in a variety of colorways of the Poems Sock -- what we have in stock changes frequently. We try to bring in a good range of colorways -- they go out of stock very quickly indeed! The only problem you might have is choosing one to play with.


To sum up: this page alone gets you the hard copy of the pattern, printing on heavy weight paper, slid into a sheet protector.

A marvelous way to play with delightful long color repeats and short rows -- for yourself or for a loved one.