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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
Kit C
Kit C
This and the remaining photos show Stephen West's original pieces.
This and the remaining photos show Stephen West's original pieces.
This one is by Joan.
This one is by Joan.

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Exploration Station started life as a Mystery KAL by Stephen West.  It incorporates such a marvelous collection of stitch work, adding new skills to one's repertoire, as well as a myriad of colors!  

I have Stephen's permission to use some of his photos in order to show this shawl.  Purchase of the pattern must be done through his Ravelry page here.

We also include a photo of this shawl as knit by Joan8904 (Rav name) who used varying golds and browns to create her beauty.  I wanted you to see how different colorways give very different looks. 

The yarns we have put together for these kits are not the same as those used to create the shawls you see here and will require some imagination on your part.  But isn't that a prime reason we became knitters? 

The Design

Here is what Stephen writes: 

This top down semi-circle shawl begins with my favorite Westknits shortcut rows and yarn overs followed by two-color brioche ribbing, slipped stitches, stripes, and finally a beautiful chevron border. Choose 4 colors of yarn and enjoy the playful knitting journey!

The Yarn and Colorways

So what is needed is four colors of fingering weight yarn, in at least these amounts: 

Color A - 275yds / 251m 
Color B - 200yds / 183m 
Color C - 185yds / 169m 
Color D - 260yds / 238m

Here is what we've put together.  The kits have one skein of each of the ones mentioned, except where specified as two: 

Kit A:  

1. From Madeline Tosh Yarns: Tosh Merino Light (100% merino: 420 yards/ 384m) in the colorway called Found Pottery.  Splatters of bright colors on a creamy pale pink base.

2. From Shalimar Yarns: Aerie (70% superwash merino/ 20% kid mohair/ 10% silk with 420 yards) in colorway called Molly Coddled.  A cool rosy pink.

3. From Anzula:  Haiku (70% superwash merino/ 20% bamboo/ 10% nylon with 425 yards/ 388m) in colorway called Gumball.   Splatters and lines of blues and pinks of varying hues and intensities on a cream background.  

4.  From Colinton Austraila:  2 skeins of Light Fingering of Pure Unbrushed Mohair, (100% young goat mohair with 115 yards / 105m).  Colorway is Fresh Caribbean, a tonal almost-solid play on teal.  

Kit B

1. From Mountain Colors: Crazyfoot (90% superwash merino/ 10% nylon with 425 yards)in the colorway called Lavender.  An almost-solid of lilac shot through with subtle pinker tones.

2. Mountain Colors' Bearfoot (60% superwash wool/ 25% mohair/ 15% nylon with 400 yards per skein), colorway called Blueberry.  Splatters of rich purples and teals mostly on a cream background.  

3.  Bearfoot again, this time in an almost solid called Blue Frost.  A lovely blend of tones of teal, some greener and some bluer.  

4.  Another Crazyfoot, in an almost-solid called True Blue, a deep rich royal blue. 

Kit C

1. Another Tosh Merino Light, this time in Esoteric, a lovely play on teals and blacks, creating a very rich whole. 

2. Bearfoot in another speckled colorway, called Snowberry:  with more of the cream base left as itself, teals and purples and blues mostly splattered throughout. 

3. Colinton's Light Fingering again, this time in Fresh Honeysuckle, a tonal blend of fuschisa and rose. 2 skeins included.

4.  Aerie in Whale Tales, a subtle variegation of teals, some light, some deep, creating an intriguing depth and richness. 

(Sorry, Kit C is sold out)

The Pattern

Just a reminder to get your pattern from Stephen directly here.  This will also ensure that you get any updates or corrections that might be added.