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Why eyes? 

Well, eyes are wonderful for quirky scarves like the crocheted Dragon Scarf or the knitted Dragon's Tale.  

They are also superb with toys like these Knitted Monsters or these sweet Iggy and Ivy Bibs.  And of course for any other dolls or amigurumi you make. 

These are what are called "safety eyes" with locking washers to hold them in place.  Best not for very young children or for animal toys but for anyone ages 3 or up, these add a marvelous touch to knit and crocheted pieces.  

Lion Brand has a good instructional sheet for how to use them. 

The Reptile eyes come in two colors, with slitted pupils.  We have them in an aqua blue and in an olive green.  You will get a pair in your color choice plus the locking washers. 

(As you see in the photo, we also have black eyes, in a range of sizes.  These are not currently being offered on this web page but if you are interested, contact me and we can set you up with a pair.)