Fanflower/ Beaded Shawl/ Pattern/ by Mary White

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This is a real treasure. Mary White just designed this most lovely pattern to make the Fanflower Fling Shawl.

The project is (to quote Mary): "...a fantastic way for the knitter to learn a great number of techniques on one project: Crocheted Provisional Cast-On, Short Rows with Wrap and Turn and Closing Wraps, Various Increasing and Decreasing Lace Stitches, Nupps, Beading, Blossom Stitch and the I-Cord Bind Off.

"Once these techniques are learned, the entire shawlette becomes quite simple and quick......producing a "Simply Elegant" accessory for any occasion!"

This sounds marvelous to me!

Mary also mentioned to me another time: "It is a nice little small shawl so doesn't take too long to produce. My main objective with this pattern is to have the knitter explore new techniques and be able to produce an accessory once learned."

Wonderful! A learning experience that creates a stunning shawl.


Depending on the size you decide to go for, you will need 375-675 yards (343-618m) 2 Ply-Lace Weight yarn, Wool or Wool/Silk blends recommended.

The approximate finished measurements per size are:

Size 14 (which means there are 14 motifs in the finished shawl) - 46”Wingspan X 15” Depth

Size 15 (with 15 motifs)- 48” Wingspan X 16” Depth

Size 16 (with 16 motifs) - 50” Wingspan X 17” Depth

Size 17 (with 17) - 52” Wingspan X 18” Depth

You should also figure on Size 5 US/3.75mm circular needles in 32-40”(80-100cm) length and Size 7 US/4.5mm and 9 US/5.5mm DPNs or straight needles for binding off, or what you need to get gauge.

And! This beauty also has beads! It uses approximately 375-500 each (10-12gr) size 8/0 beads, again depending on the size you are going for. The beads are added using the crochet-hook-add-as-you-go method, for which you will need a thin steel crochet hook, .80mm.

BTW, the last photo on this page is of the plant called Fan Flower -- it was Mary's inspiration.



P.S. Mary has been playing around with using fingering weight for this design as well -- she tells me that with fingering weight yarn and size 6 needles one could make the shawl using between 475 and 775 yards. The apricot shawl shown here was done with fingering weight yarn.