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Top to bottom: Ocean - Sky - Violet
Top to bottom: Ocean - Sky - Violet
Xandy's originals here and in following photos.
Xandy's originals here and in following photos.

This pattern is wonderfully intriguing, a marvelous introduction to stacked stitches which will yield a most beautiful cowl or wrap. 


Be sure to get your pattern from Xandy Peters' Ravelry web page hereWhat we offer is a kit of yarn, specially selected for this beauty.  


The Design

Here is what Xandy writes:

Inspired by mid-century modern upholstery fabric, this scarf or cowl project takes cues from colorful, mix and match interior design trends of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Stacked stitches and chevron stripes take a pattern often seen in upholstery fabric and housewares and transforms it into a versatile knitting project with many possibilities for color, pattern, and form. Instructions are provided in written and chart form.

This pattern uses the innovative stacked stitch technique seen in the Fox Paws pattern to create the funky chevrons, but it is a less complex pattern to try out if you are a stacked stitch beginner.

Yarn and Colorways

We do not offer the exact yarn nor colors that Xandy used in her original. You can see our kit in the upper righthand corner of the top photo and again below that.

She writes that what is needed is 3 to 5 colorways/ skeins of fingering weight yarn, depending on the size you are making and if you decide to make a cowl or a wrap.

The cowl you see photographed on this page used three colors and was completed with one skein of each.  Our kit consists of three skeins (one colorway each of three colors). 

Our yarn is a new one from KFI, their Indulgence Kettle Dyed Fingering. This is a marvelous feeling yarn of 75% wool + 25% nylon.  Each skein has 494 yards 9450m)/ 100g.  


Your kit will consist of one each of: 

Sky is a pure sky blue.  I can almost see the birds flying.

Violet is a rich red-violet, closer in tone to irises than violets to my eye but gorgeous nonetheless. 

Ocean is a green teal, cool and delicious.