Feather n Fan Wrap/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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This is a new creation from Jane Thornley --- and one that I simply love.

I have to quote Jane as she describes it so well:


"What happens if you ‘grow’ a wrap rather than simply knit it and think of a pattern as a seed rather than a plan?

"Well, here’s the result: a surprisingly gleeful ruffle of color and texture that hugs your shoulders and drapes like a dream. Knit on size 11US/8mm and 13US/9mm circular needles, the beloved feather and fan stitch unfolds in gorgeous flights of texture and color to showcase any yarn to it's best advantage. Mix in mohair to create misty waves amid ridges of chunky fare; add streams of luminesent silk or cotton for a lacy effect amid the hills and valleys. Any yarn, any weight, any fiber, will do. Each combination creates a unique effect and no two projects will or should look the same. The pattern includes suggestions on how to create 'Mist over the Mountain' effects, 'Lace Wings' or 'Foothills and Valley's' as well as a scarf variation of the pattern."

This is a wonderful wonderful design -- so open to creative possibilities!

And Jane even includes a capelet version, that differs from the wrap in that it does not have the front ties.

There are so many ways you can make this and make it unique unto your vision.

Click on the rather sedate photo to the above right and you will see the front with the swirling ties, in all of its a glorious rosiness.

Not that you have to make it in a rosy colorway. Jane also has done this in beautiful Woodland color combinations -- we have photos of those below.

The ones shown here are also modifications of the overall pattern.

To quote Jane, "The first shown...is a capelet, though not of the official, fasten-down-the-front variety. This design sits on the shoulders and then hangs down the front not unlike in the shorter original. It's actually a modification of the pattern only knit with more rows, hence length, and completed by a little collar, if you choose. Knit it with the front extensions for a front tie or not (the not version is shown [to the right below])."

There are no limits here -- pick your colors and have a glorious time!


Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

The pattern is complete with yarn suggestions but what it really does is allow you to take off and soar on the wings of your own creativity and make yourself something absolutely stunning.