Feather Light Shawls/ Printed Pattern

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Beautiful yarn + beautiful patterns = a most marvelous knitting experience!

These are two patterns for lovely delicate shawls designed by Dorothy Siemens of Fiddlesticks Knitting. Here is how Dorothy describes the pattern:

These small, delicate shawls are slightly crescent-shaped, which helps them to stay in place—their delicate wings will settle as light as feathers on your shoulders.

Both stocking stitch shawls are worked by casting on stitches at the top edge of a central panel, then increasing to create a shape that curves into a slight crescent. The simple garter stitch edging is knit as a continuation of the body, and pinned into little points.

Please note that these are recommended for intermediate knitters and use charts.

The pattern is printed and gives you directions for both shawls. The charts are made especially large and easy to read.

These are both really lovely --- I have no reservations that you will be very very pleased.