Fiery Foliage: Pre-Order Wintertide Version

Stephen's original, shown here so you can get an idea of the design.
Stephen's original, shown here so you can get an idea of the design.
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Special notice:

After 15 years with The Unique Sheep, Kelly is retiring at the end of this year. Kelly is the amazing dyeing who creates the colors for these kits.

We still have a few months before Kelly retires and during that time we will continue to take these dyed-to-order requests.

If you have been considering this kit, you would be best served not putting it off. We will be bringing in a very limited number of "in stock" kits as the time gets closer but to be sure of getting what you want, now is the time.  


Here is the promised "winter" yarn set for this gorgeous design! 

We are taking orders of this yarn set to be dyed especially for you.  These would take roughly 4 to 6 weeks to be ready -- sometimes sooner.  

Read on for more data...


Please note our policy on shipping and pre-orders here. 


As soon as I saw Stephen West's new Fiery Foliage design, I knew that a gradiance set of yarns from The Unique Sheep would knit up absolutely beautifully!


Get your pattern directly from the designer via his Ravelry page here . What we have is some gorgeous yarn kits; the pattern is not included. 


The Design

Here is what Stephen says about this shawl:

Choose 5 colors of fingering weight yarn and fade them together from light to dark. This shawl is knit sideways as you increase towards the border. I-cord frames the edges as you knit the large leafy lace pattern.

Instructions include notes on how to fade your colors together, but you can customize your colorful fading sequence however you like.

Yarn and Colorways

The yarn and colors are not the same as what Stephen used in his original. You can see our yarns in the inset photo on the upper righthand corner of the top picture on this page as well as below it.

You will get in your kit a 4 ply yarn in 100% superwash merino and dyed 8 skeins of 200 yards/ 50g each in a brand-new Gradiance colorway she has named Wintertide

The result is a set of 1600 yards perfect for knitting this 

This is not a set of "only" five colors but the pattern allows for lots of creative license and Kelly outdid herself with glorious rich hues.  

The colors run the gamut of cool bliss, moving from pale pastels in gray and blue and lilac and gradually deepening until they finish up with rich turquoiseand violet.