Fir Cowl: Kits

Our kit will have one of the Amitola balls and one skein of the Birch.
Our kit will have one of the Amitola balls and one skein of the Birch.
Chrissy's original pieces are shown in this and the following photos.
Chrissy's original pieces are shown in this and the following photos.
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A marvelous cowl!  Plus matching wrist warmers!

A glorious "re-run" from Ursa Major Knits; this one will last through the years....


The Design

Here is how Chrissie of Ursa Major Knits describes her new Fir Cowl

Christmas 2016 is just around the corner. Time to knit little presents and get in the mood.

But what to make? Of course something fun and quick like the Fir Cowl and matching Fir Cowl Wristlets, a wonderful project for yarn leftovers or single balls in your stash – or a good opportunity to shop for just a tiny bit more, as you won’t need a lot to knit the Fir Cowl.

All that is needed are two contrasting yarns, only 1.4oz/40g = 156 yards / 144 m each to knit the cowl and only 1oz/30g = 120 yards / 110m each to knit the wristlets

There are lots of yarns that will work splendidly.  

Both of these pieces are seamless modular knits and the design was originally written for fingering yarn. Bear in mind though, that should you so desire you can adjust this pattern to any other yarn weight because of the very nature of modular knitting.  You can continue with more modules or cut it shorter with fewer.

Another lovely aspect to this is that both the cowl and the wristwarmers are reversible. A great set of accessories for gift-giving or to indlulge yourself.   

The Yarn and Colorways

Chrissie recommends using two color gradients, or one color gradient combined with one solid yarn, or even two contrasting multicolored yarns etc.

Our kits do not use the same yarns as she did though we follow her lead with at least one having a long color gradient.  You can see our kits in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.


Our Kit:

Using Amitola from Louisa Harding, 80% Wool 20% Silk with approximately 273  yards (250m) per 50 gram ball with loooong color runs:  Our first colorway is called Bonsai, and is a lovely tonal blend of varying greens and teals.

We pair it with Birch, a discontinued yarn from Shibui Knits.  It is a 100% extrafine merino with 262 yards (239m) per 50 gram skein.   This is a delicious yarn in a solid colorway: Bordeaux.  This is a rich cool red, very slightly on the blue-ish side.

There will be one of each of these in your kit.  This might be enough yarn here for both the cowl and the wristlets but it will be tight.  If you want to be sure of enough, I suggest two sets. *****

The Pattern

The kit will not  include the pattern nor has the cost been factored in.

If you get it from Chrissie via her Ravelry web page, then it will be saved in your Ravelry library and you will get any updates automatically. If you decide to get your pattern this way, set the drop-down menu under "Pattern" to "No Pattern Needed."

We also offer the patterns as a downloadable PDF.

And our third choice via the drop-down menu is to have a printed copy of the pattern mailed with your kit.  This is 13 pages long.

You will find all instructions written and charted along with graphics and ample photo tutorials.

Have fun!