Fire Polish Crystal Swirls/ Cools

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Ah! Finally! If you follow the link below, you will see the original "Warms" and get more data about the basic design. You will also be able to get that one or any of the other variations listed in the drop-down menu. This one is the same as the "Cools" on that page, but it is here for the purpose showing the photo.

I knit this one with fire polish crystals in crystal and crystal AB and as many violet and purple and mauve and even blue fire polish crystals I could get my hands on in all sorts of shapes and sizes and hues. I am very pleased with the result.

This particular one used silver thread but I think it would look superb with purple or amethyst or periwinkle. Unless you specify, I am going to just choose for you.

The clasp will be somewhat different -- we cannot get the original ones anymore -- but we find it lovely.

If you already have the pattern, or just want to design your own, then we offer an option of getting the kit without the pattern below.

We did these on size 0 needles (which are not included).

I really like this design. Did I say that already? Warms or Cools or Goldens or Blacks -- any way I've made the bracelet, it comes out pretty darn spectacular.