Flamboyant Flowers Beanie: Kit II

Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
This and the following pictures show Joan's original hats (photos used with designers permission).
This and the following pictures show Joan's original hats (photos used with designers permission).
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Another beauty by Joan Rowe!  This is a real smile-making hat she calls the Flamboyant Flowers Beanie!

Here is what she writes: 

A beanie in three sizes featuring a gorgeous garden filled with flamboyant flowers.

This beanie is knitted in the round with fingering weight yarn, although the flowers can be attached to any hat. The flowers and leaves are knitted separately and are attached mostly with the CO and BO tails so that there is very little sewing, aside from some chain stitch embroidery for the stems.

Instructions are given for clematis, foxglove, iris, morning glory, nasturtium, poppy and trumpet vine. Fill your garden with just one, or with a colorful medley of flowers.

The flowers and leaves are knit with fingering weight yarn and each take less than 21 yds (19 m). It’s a great way to use up leftover yarn, or make use of a single ball of fingering with an interesting colorway to choose different colors for each flower.

She also wrote, "An intermediate knitter should be fine with this pattern, although some of the flowers are more complex than others. Techniques used include wrap and turn (w&t), German Short row, circular knitting on dp needles, 1 custom scallop stitch.".

The Yarn and Colorways

Bear in mind that this kit does not include the same yarn or colors that Joan used in her original. You can see what we offer in the inset photo on the right of the top picture on this page and again below that.


For the hat, we have a fingering weight yarn from Malabrigo, their Mechita with 420 yards (384m)/ 100g of 100% superwash wool.  You can choose between:

A. Under The Sea (a tonal blend of varying blues


B. Glitter (a tonal blend of golds and rich browns)


For the flowers, you will get an assortment of KFI's Teenie Weenie Wool, each small ball made of 75% wool + 25% nylon and giving 44 yards/ 10g.  Each kit has slightly different sets, chosen to work well with the colorway of the hat.

Your kit will include one each of the following colorways: 

For Kit A (in order shown, left to right): 

1. Magenta

2. Charteuse


4. Plum

5. Lavender

For Kit B (again as shown left to right): 

1. Shamrock

2. Ecru

3. Turquoise

4. Plum

5. Lavender


The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern nor has the cost of the pattern been factored in.

You can get the pattern directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Joan via her Ravelry web page. If that is how you would like to go, then set the "Pattern" drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed." This is what you should do if you prefer your patterns in the Ravelry library.

Alternatively, if you would rather have a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that and we'll get that to you in your kit.

We also provide the pattern as a PDF if you choose that option.  (Note again, the pattern will not be saved in your Ravelry library but be available via earthfaire.com if you choose this option.)



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