Flex-Wire/ 49 Strand

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This is the wire we have been using in many of our Semi-Precious Stone bracelets.

We are thrilled with it and wanted to offer it as itself, for those who would like to create their own designs.

This is an extremely flexible wire -- called Flexrite 49 --- it is actually made up of 49 very thin thin thin strands of steel all together into one wire. Flexrite uses state of the art micro wire technology to produce a wire that is strong, soft, and flexible. The difference is amazing -- it is actually closer to knitting with fiber than with wire. And it has a stretchability that works superbly as a bracelet component -- as well as being far more comfortable than regular wire.

We found that when the piece is done, it retains a bit of stretch-ability, which we hadn't expected on working with the wire to begin with. The knit stitches themselves are giving it a knit quality -- which is wonderful in working with wire.

On this web page we offer your choice of 30 foot spools. The wire is of the 0.018" thickness.

We have a soft pearl silver and a metallic satin gold. .

A delight to work with.


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