Flip & Tumble: 24/7 Bag

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Not one of our colors but to show you the small
Not one of our colors but to show you the small "sockball" it becomes.

Only two (red ones) left!


More wonderful Earth-friendly bags from Flip & Tumble!  This is wonderful to enable you to always be ready with your own reusable bag. 

A bag inspired by sock balls!

Yes, really!  This bag has a stretch pouch that wprks kind of like a sockball.  The bag compacts in a cinch into a squishy ball.

Not quite  magic, but close. 

From bag to ball, the 24-7 bag is a snap to keep with you all the time.

Sure, it will handle milk and eggs like a charm, but its versatile shoulder design also works for everything from day-tripping on travels to bringing your lunch to work.

bag size - 12" x 14" x 5"
ball size - 3" in diameter
weight capacity - 35 lbs.
compacting system - premium stretch, rolls up like a sockball 
material - ripstop nylon 
felt patch - keeps the bag on your shoulder 
care - machine wash cold, hang to dry

We brought in two colors this time:  

Red (true red)

Marine Blue (a deep turquoise)