Flirtology: Beaded Kits

These are photos of Bev's original shawl.
These are photos of Bev's original shawl.
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A really special design by Boo Knits, Flirtology is chock full of beads and beautiful lace!


The best way to get your pattern is from the designer directly via her Ravelry page here What we offer is yarn and beads to knit this with. 

(If for any reason you cannot use Ravelry, contact me and we might be able to work out another way to get you the pattern.)


The Design

Here is what Bev (the designer) has to say about this shawl:

Flirtology is a top down, crescent shaped shawl that has a flirty lace pattern falling through the shawl to the cheeky little lace border.

Magical for a wedding shawl, brilliant for a special occasion, gorgeous for a date night but just about perfect for daily wear too!

Wear your Flirtology any day and live life to the full! Sometimes we all need feel a little flirty!

Yarn and Colorways

We did not put together kits that use the exact yarn that Bev used in her original.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

What we have put together are kits using Shibui's Lunar, a lace weight yarn of 60% Extra Fine Merino + 40% Mulberry Silk with 401 yds / 365 m, 1.76 oz / 50 g.

Two skeins will make up your kit -- to give you a total of about 802 yards

One colorway we offer is Twilight, a soft medium blue with just a hint of violet to it -- truly the sky at twilight.  

The other option is Bone, a delightfully cool off-white.  


This shawl takes a lot of beads, a bit fewer than 1,250 size 6/0s.  We thought of a few ways to offer this.  

You can get one color of bead for the entirety; let me know if you have a preference or let me choose for you.

Or!  You might like to get a mix of beads, either all warm tones or all cool tones or perhaps a mix of rainbow colors. 

These option are listed in the drop-down menu; make sure it is set as you would like. 



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