Floating Dragonflies: A Tensha Bracelet

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Who says that December should be the only month with glow and glitter?  Here is your antidote to the greys and dulls of January.....

Quite something indeed. 

We put together a pretty special Bead Stew mix. It begins with a few (surprisingly few) 8/0 beads and lots and lots (and lots) of fire polish crystals. 


The glory of the whole ... 10mm Tensha beads from Toho with fancy decals of golden dragonflies!

The result is stupendous and quite eye-catching in my oh-so-humble-opinion.  

The vast majority of the beads are larger than is usual in our bracelet kits. The result is a bracelet that is jammed with colors and shapes and simply glows!

Here we played on the main colors of the tensha beads, with golds and blacks with some silvers and roses.  

The thread we used (and what will be in your kit) is a Fine Braid #8 in one of Kreinik's "Japan" colors:  a golden thread that truly looks gold.  It tends to dye a bit thicker in the spool so we have found that going down a weight to the Fine Braid works well.  

We finished it all off with a magnetic clasp.  We used the clamps you see at each end as a framing element (and these will be in your kit in case you like the look and want to add them).  


The pattern is our usual Bead Soup/Bead Stew one, so if you already have it, we offer the bracelet kit without it -- see the drop-down menu to make your selection.

We used size 0 needles, which are not included in the kit, but you'll have everything else you need to make this.

We are delighted to be able to offer this limited edition bracelet.