Floorette: Kits for Shawlette Size

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Chrissy's original shawl, © Ursa Major KNITS
Chrissy's original shawl, © Ursa Major KNITS

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A great new design by Ursa Major Knits, we put together some kits for the smaller (shawlette) size for this Floorette beauty. 

The Design

Here is what Chrissy (the amazing designer) writes:

The Floorette wrap is based on two contrasting yarns. You can use two color gradients or combine a color gradient with a solid....

For the wrap you will need 600 -700 yards of each color or in case you use just one color 1200 yards will be enough. If you prefer a shawlette sized wrap, you will need 400 yards of each color...

The general structure of the Floorette wrap is modular. No seaming is involved since you will join the modules as you go. You will find photo tutorials on how to join them at the end of the pattern along with other photo tutorials on the various techniques required to knit the Floorette wrap.

All instructions for all modules are presented in written and charted form. You will also find graphics to guide you through the knitting process.

Happy knitting! 
Ursa Major

The Yarn and Colorways

We have brought in a couple of lovely possibilities here.  You can see them in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

The yarn is among those Chrissy directly recommends:  Zauberball Starke 6.  These are plied yarns, each 75% Superwash Wool/ 25% Nylon with 437 yards per 150 gram ball.  A sport weight/ DK weight yarn, it works beautifully in this design. 

The colorways have loooong color runs and are perfect for this design. 

Instead of giving you two colorways, each kit will simply have two balls of one colorway.  That way another color that melds perfectly with what you are already knitting is right at your fingertips.  

Two balls will give you a total of 874 yards, enough for the shawlette size of this piece.  Chrissy notes that the Floorette can be knit in various sizes as it is comprised on zigzag tiers.  The ones she knit that we show on this page used five tiers. A shawlette could be knit using simply three tiers.  Size is very adjustable. 


The first colorway is #2355, also called Gartenparty (which translates exactly as you suspect).  Soft colors that are very spring-like, this one would be perfect for a pool party.  I see turquoise and pink, yellow and violet, lime and rose. 


Our second colorway is #2334, named Malerwinkel.  This translates literally as "Painter Angle" and is truly a painterly blend of gorgeous hues.  Again, mostly springtime colors, this one has more yellow as well as cream, pinks and blues, spring green and blue plus abit of violet. (Sorry, sold out)


The Pattern

Please note that the cost of the pattern has not been automatically added to this kit. We offer three options:

If you would like to get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page, then please set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."  This will save the pattern for you in your Rav library and also ensure you get any updates as soon as they are released. 

Alternatively we can print out the pattern for you, 11 pages in all.  Set the drop-down menu accordingly.  

Or we can email you the pattern.  That is not automatic; expect to receive your pattern the day that your kit ships.