Floorette/ Kits in Poems Sock

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Sky & Earth
Sky & Earth
This shows Chrissie's original piece as do the remaining photos.
This shows Chrissie's original piece as do the remaining photos.

Another most intriguing beauty from Ursa Major Knits.  Here is how Chrissie describes Floorette

The Floorette wrap is based on two contrasting yarns. You can use two color gradients or combine a color gradient with a solid.

You can even knit it using just one color gradient that sports many colors likeSchoppel Zauberball 6 Kunterbunt or Papagei, Noro Silk Garden Lite, Noro Flower Bed, Crystal Palace Mochi Plus and many many more.

For the wrap you will need 600 -700 yards of each color or in case you use just one color 1200 yards will be enough. If you prefer a shawlette sized wrap, you will need 400 yards of each color. Naturally you can also knit this pattern with fingering or lace weight. The stitch count is not important. Knit a swatch in garter stitch to figure out which needle size will give your knitting a nice drape.

The general structure of the Floorette wrap is modular. No seaming is involved since you will join the modules as you go. You will find photo tutorials on how to join them at the end of the pattern along with other photo tutorials on the various techniques required to knit the Floorettewrap.

All instructions for all modules are presented in written and chartedform. You will also find graphics to guide you through the knitting process.

Happy knitting! 
Ursa Major

The Yarn and Colorways

The yarn we have for this kit is not the same as what Chrissie (or Crizzy on Ravelry) used in her original.  

You can see the ones we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are here so you can use your imagination and picture how these will look. 

Our yarn is Poems Sock from Universal Yarns, machine washable yarn of 75% superwash wool/ 25% nylon and has 459 yards (420m) per 100 gram ball.  Poems Sock has very long color runs, and thus, as noted above, 1200 yards would be enough.  So each kit will include 3 skeins of the colorway of your choice. 

1.  Sky & Earth is a beautiful blending that ranges from a sky blue/ turuqoise into golds and golden browns, deeper chocolates and into blue again.  Beautiful.

2.  Horizon is a colorway that mimics a sunset, with oranges and golds, purples and teals, and some green as well.  Striking.

3.  Arles is a delicious cool mix of blues and purples.  Call it the colors of twilight -- this has a marvelous depth to it.  

The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters will prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Crizzy via her Ravelry web page. If that is how you would like to go, then set the "Pattern" drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed." This is what you should do if you prefer your patterns in the Ravelry library.

Alternatively, if you would rather have a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that and we'll get that to you in your kit.


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