Floribunda Scarf/ Gourmet Crochet Pattern

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This one is just amazingly lovely!

Finally some more absolutely stupendous patterns for the crocheters amongst us. We are in awe.

This design is called the Floribunda Scarf.

Designed by Carolyn Christmas (what a great name!), I am going to let her describe it:

"A profusion of roses, buds and leaves dance along this beautiful, artistic scarf.

"A simple scarf base is embellished with 3-D roses, leaf sprays, bell flowers and rosebuds to make a unique wearable art piece you’ll treasure. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, a sister, mother, grandmother, or special friend."

The pattern itself comes in a 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” pattern leaflet -- very convenient to taking along with you. For materials, Carolyn writes:

"I encourage you to use scraps and odd balls of yarns and ribbons you might already have on hand for the elements of this scarf. This is a project worthy of using that one fabulous ball of discontinued yarn that you have saved! Pull out all your scraps, choose 6-7 worsted weight, eyelash, and ribbons that go together. It takes one 90 yd., 50gm ball of the main yarn to make the scarf base. "

This is such fun! I am considering, personally, doing a quick knitted scarf (just because I am faster and better at knitting) and then embellishing it with the wonderful leaves and flowers (man styles and looks) that she has as part of the Floribunda. For sure beads will be added to mine for further embellishing. I am having a great time just pulling yarns out to try -- this is a real joy to create!

Finished scarf is estimated to be about 60-70” long. Of course, you realize that will vary a bit depending on what yarns and hooks you use, but if you follow Carolyn's recommendations, yours should come out to be about there.

Fun fun fun!