Flourish/ A Shawl Pattern by Rose Beck

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A wonderful change of pace.

From Rose Beck of Rosy Posy Designs, here is a wonderfully detailed lace triangular lace work shawl, made using worsted weight yarn, called Flourish.


Here is how Rose describes:

"flour·ish: ˈflər-ish, ˈflə-rish

"verb: to grow luxuriantly

"noun: a decorative or finishing detail; a luxuriant growth or profusion

"All these definitions of flourish apply to this dramatic shawl, knit from the top down at a larger gauge for a more modern look. Cascading from the center out, the large, bold leaves make a lush statement, especially knit in a jewel-toned color."


This pattern contains charted instructions for three sizes and is suitable for intermediate level knitters.

After blocking the measurements will be for the Small: 40” wide x 16” deep (needs only 210 yards of worsted to heavy worsted weight yarn); for the Medium: 50” x 24” (needs just 320 yards); and for the Large: 58” x 28” (figure on 400 yards, just about exactly: get some extra if you also want to make a swatch).

The photos show a purple sample done large, an orange one in medium and both a red and a blue one done as the smallest size.

This is a wonderful project, that will keep you interested and yet not take up a huge stretch of your time. And the finished shawl is stunning -- wonderful for adding warmth in the color months ahead.


P.S. Rose just wrote a special addendum (exclusively for us at Earth Faire) on ways and places to add beads to this beauty. It will be included as part of this pattern.