Flower Socks / Pattern with Possible Bead Gift

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We just got some great printed patterns from Ellene Warren.

A toe - up sock pattern that is knit flat from the ankle to the top, this feminine sock will delight both the knitter and the wearer when created from bright hand painted yarn.

Requires 100 grams (350 yards) fingering weight sock yarn.


The design has simple crocheted flowers linking together to form a panel that is inset on the outer cuff, with a little peek-a-boo skin showing and crystal embellishments.

The pattern lists eight 11 mm crystal beads as an optional embellishment on the flowers. Now, that size crystals are a bit big to my taste -- simply a matter of personal aesthetics. We went hunting, though, and were able to find 8mm and 10 mm fire polish crystals (somehow couldn't find 11 mm ones) and each order which includes enough fingering weight yarn with this pattern to make the socks will have included the crystals to really make these socks shine!

We will add to your order either eight 10 mm or, if you prefer (as we would), eight of the smaller 6 mm crystals.

The size is really up to you -- we would just like to add these as our gift to you. Just let us know your preference of crystal size -- otherwise we will go eeny-meeny-miney-mo!

And we think that either should look stupendous.

This is a pattern which is tremendous fun in both the making and in the wearing.