Flowery Infinity Scarf: Kits + Bead Option

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#6 Uruma
#6 Uruma
#9 Toshima
#9 Toshima
Sandra's originals are shown here and in the following photos.
Sandra's originals are shown here and in the following photos.

Only one kit left.


Oh my!

What a marvelous song to Springtime and its flowers!


This Flowery Infinity Scarf is by Sandra Nesbitt.  Please get the pattern from her directly via her Ravelry page hereWhat we offer is some gorgeous yarn and possibly beads for knitting it. 


The Design

Here is what Sandra writes:

Wonderful rings of flowers in a stunning array of summer colours adorn this lace cowl.

Its a massive 6’ long so can be wrapped round not just twice but 3 times if needed. 8” wide with a lovely sculptured wavy edging. Its near enough reversible too. On the underside there is a slight difference in the flower detail which isn’t obvious when worn

The Yarn and Colorways

Sandra knit her original piece using Noro's Aya, a worsted weight yarn of cotton/silk/wool blend.  Unfortunately that yarn has been discontinued. 

We found a great substitute:  Akari!  Also worsted weight, this is a gorgeous blend of 26% silk/ 21% cotton/ 15% rayon/ 14% mohair/ 12% wool/ 12% nylon. Whew!

And with a super-generous 528 yards (483m)/ 200 grams, you will have well-more than you need in one pre-wound mega-ball of yarn. 

We brought in two colorways:

1.  #06 Uruma is a wonderful blend of lemon and apricot, some lighter some deeper.  These come with long color runs that go from one to the next in bright sunshine. 

2. #09 Toshima also is a tonal blend, this time with varying pinks and roses and violets-- a garden of flowers for sure!


No, Sandra didn't use beads but don't these marvelous flowers almost cry out for some embellishments? 

We have added an option (via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits") to either get the yarn alone or yarn plus 20g of size 6/0 beads (that gives you roughly 240 beads) to place wherever it appeals to you.  

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will chose for you.