Fluffy Ruffles/ Beaded Fingerless Glove Pattern From Catie

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Fingerless gloves are all the rage -- and rightly so! They keep you warm without having to sacrifice dexterity. They can be slid over another pair of gloves or mittens for super-warmth outside, or worn by themselves on days that are not terribly frigid or if your home is a bit on the chilly side.

As Catie put it: "Turn your thermostat down? No problem! Fingerless Gloves come in handy indoors at your computer and even let you knit with ease!"

And here Catie put together functionality with beauty -- beaded ruffles to embellish and enhance your fingerless gloves because who said practicality has to be boring? :-)

The pattern asks for DK weight yarn -- only 120 yards are needed -- and 118 of size 6/0 beads. The beads are pre-threaded onto the yarn and incorporated throughout these beauties.

Fun fun fun! And a wonderful [and fast] gift too.